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Our society is undergoing a rapid transformation due to the convergence of many digital technologies. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is central to this change and offers major opportunities to improve our lives. Although AI has caught a lot of attention in society, the education and research in AI and AI-related areas must be strengthened. Increasing the knowledge, building networks and exchanging experiences will be crucial in determining how to approach the development and use of AI.

The Nordic AI young researcher symposium (Nordic AI Meet) represents an important step forward in helping and providing necessary knowledge exchange about AI and its applications in the Nordics. This is particularly important and useful for meeting important challenges in the public sector, industry or civil society regarding the use of AI.

The topics that will be included in the symposium are not only related to basic AI research but also to applied AI research in natural sciences, medicine and social sciences. This is an arena where the topics about the consequences of AI application can also be discussed and presented.

PhD students, Postdocs and early stage researchers are a key group of scientists who in the following years will contribute in the shaping of the new research initiatives.

The main purpose of the proposed symposium is to create an annual meeting place where researchers in early careers can learn about new ideas, methods and theories within AI as well as build a professional network that will be useful in developing knowledge-based applications of AI. This annual event is seen as an interface between interdisciplinary scientific research in areas of computer science, statistics with application in fields of natural science, technology, life science, medicine, humanities and social sciences.
The responsibility for symposium organisation will be divided between the scientific committee (SC), organisation committee (OC)and symposium managing group that will be used as a coordination body. The SC researchers have a distinguished track record in publishing, teaching and research projects within the different areas of basic and applied AI.
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